Who We Are

Hindustan Pest Control Services division of PPC GROUP, is a leading pest control service provider in India. We have expertise in controlling pests. We have ZERO TOLERENT POLICY when it comes to Pests. We are known by our work and by the companies we serve.

We Hindustan Pest Control Services have pest library to help you to identify pests, understand their biology, habitats and find effective way to handly them.Select a pest and we depute our professional to inspect the premises and advise you what pest control service is required.

Why Choose Us


General Pest Control

Free Site Inspection and briefing about the nature of pests.


Commercial Pest Control

Expertise in controlling pest in Commercial premises, building etc.


Residential Pest Control

Expertise in controlling pest in Kitchens and homes.


Termite Pest Control

Specialists in controlling termites.